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8 products

8 products

 Concrete TV Unit & TV Stand 

TV unit
TV unit

Living rooms are an important living space for each of us. Considering this, the choice of a TV unit is quite significant. There are some key points such as not disrupting the decor integrity and being in harmony with other furniture. With lightweight concrete TV units in more subdued, soft colors, you can make choices that will make your living room look more decorative.


A lightweight concrete TV unit you choose, being both long-lasting and economical, emerges as a more functional alternative compared to other models. If you want to use your furniture for a long time without it wearing out, you should opt for lightweight concrete TV units, which are significantly different from their counterparts.


Thanks to their dust-resistant feature, they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. TV units, which are also versatile products that can be used as coffee tables, hold a very important place in decor due to their ideal weight.


One of the most striking aspects of TV units, which come in different models and colors, is their flawless colors. These colors are derived from the stones in the special natural stone mix developed for their production. They are produced entirely with the original colors of the stones. Also, since they are produced with 100% handcraft, they provide the user with a unique design.


Offering different size options that suit your needs, each model makes the user feel special. Since all models contain iron reinforcements, they are unaffected by the weight of the television or any impact received. With all these features, plus their longevity, we see that lightweight concrete TV units emerge as a perfect choice.


Furniture designed by expert architects in the field allows you to achieve a minimalist and modern look compared to others. A non-extravagant TV unit, while renewing the entire air in your living room, ensures your home has modern and minimalist touches. Considering its use as a coffee table as well, its functionality is highly emphasized. We can say that the first choice to create a cohesive decor line should be a lightweight concrete furniture TV unit.