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5 products

Lightweight Concrete Stool Models and Concrete Stool Types


Formerly providing seating for small spaces only, stools are now produced in various colors and models, suitable for use in all kinds of living spaces. Lightweight concrete stool models, offering both visual appeal and comfort to the user, emerge as a decorative and highly durable alternative.

Produced in different colors and sizes, concrete stool models show resilience even against severe impacts. This durability is derived from both the concrete and the iron reinforcement it contains. Their durability allows long-term savings. In addition to being so durable, they are 75% lighter than cast concrete and designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Distinguished by their long lifespan and economic benefits, these designs stand out for being produced without the use of any paint. Concrete stools, available in soft tones, draw their colors from natural stones. Since no paint is used, they do not show scratches even after prolonged use. Lightweight concrete stool models, resistant to fading in sunlight, maintain their popularity for a long time and are expected to stay in our lives.

Concrete stool designs, suitable for home decorations from the living room to the bedroom, and even for outdoor use, are designed with versatility in mind. Polished with a glossy finish and having a water-resistant surface, they do not create water puddles. Thus, they can be used in all seasons, even in harsh weather conditions.

Offering unlimited options for creative designs, concrete allows you to achieve soft and elegant curves. Aesthetic concrete stool models prepared by experienced architects help liberate your living spaces.

Besides creating a modern and industrial style, highly robust concrete stool models add an aesthetic touch to furniture designs. Being a recyclable material, concrete is also a sustainable option. Concrete stool models, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offer solutions tailored to your needs with their different color and size options. Thus, they adapt to any space.

Lightweight concrete stool models go beyond the perception of "cumbersome concrete" by combining aesthetics, elegance, and naturalness. They can be preferred in all social and living spaces, transforming the perception of stools from "cumbersome concrete" to "modern concrete."