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Fire Pit Models


Fire pits designed for indoor and outdoor use with different sizes reveal a new generation design. Designed to suit your needs with scuba, bioethanol fuel and wood options, fire pits stand out as a reflection of a versatile design approach. Thanks to these versatile concrete fire pit designs, you can achieve soft and elegant curves. While combining luxury and elegance with these designs that focus on simplicity and minimalism, you can also develop bold and contemporary designs with the help of fire pits that can be molded in geometric shapes.

Unlike other models, garden fire pit models, which are completely handcrafted without the use of paint and take their perfect colors from natural stones, offer you unlimited options for creative designs.

The fire pits you use indoors can heat up to 100m2 of indoor space while giving you a unique visual experience. Their surfaces are coated and stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

The bioethanol fuel used in fire pits, which are produced in various sizes to meet your needs, can be used indoors and outdoors, while it stands out with its feature that does not create soot, smoke and odor when used indoors.

Designs that are highly resistant to harsh climatic conditions can be easily preferred in social facilities and living spaces from homes to gardens, gardens to hotels. Indoor and outdoor compatible fire pits with a high-end architecture are inspired by natural stones, creating an ambiance with eye-catching visuals in workplaces and homes.


Fire Pit Types


Fire pit models specially designed by experienced architects are made without mold joints. Fire pit designs, which are much more flashy and durable than their counterparts, add a sophisticated atmosphere to your decorations. Our fire pits allow you to save on decoration accessories in the long term, are produced with original designs suitable for your living spaces.

Designed with the elegant consideration of a versatile design concept with its functional features, concrete garden furniture allows you to achieve a simple and modern look. Garden fire pit models that you will use in the right locations provide you with a minimalist and unique appearance. If you want to use products that are part of a cultural innovation rather than just an accessory, you should prefer fire pit models.