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Ways to Achieve an Aesthetic Appearance with Lightweight Concrete Furniture


With the advancement of technology, the materials used decoratively have been changing in every era. Despite rapidly changing trends in today's world, lightweight concrete products, undoubtedly, will continue to maintain their popularity in various aspects of our lives. So, would you like to be one of the pioneers of this trend in your surroundings?

If your answer is yes, we recommend that you carefully read this article we have prepared for you. Let's start with the first question that comes to mind. What is lightweight concrete?

**What is Lightweight Concrete?**

Lightweight concrete is a type of concrete created by using aggregates (mixtures of gravel, sand, or crushed stone used in concrete production) with lower density compared to normal concrete.

**History of Lightweight Concrete**

While the history of lightweight concrete dates back to ancient times, its use extends to the construction of Babylon. Production efforts began in the 1900s, and commercial applications started during World War I due to a shortage of steel for production. Its success in shipbuilding contributed to its adoption in Turkey. Industrially produced lightweight concrete in the 19th and 20th centuries marked a turning point in material technology.

The first commercial facility producing lightweight concrete was established in the state of Kansas, USA, in 1920. Even in those early years, its high quality and ease of workability proved to be more advantageous compared to other types of concrete.

**Why Should We Use Lightweight Concrete in Decorations?**

Let's break down the features that make lightweight concrete so useful:

**Characteristics of Lightweight Concrete:**

1. **Resistant to Harsh Weather Conditions:**
- It has high durability due to the iron reinforcements in our lightweight concrete furniture.
- Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it exhibits high resistance to impacts, ensuring a longer lifespan for furniture made from premium materials.

2. **75% Lighter Than Poured Concrete:**
- Specifically formulated and composed of natural stone, it is much lighter than poured concrete.
- Its lightness makes transportation and installation significantly easier.

3. **Fire and Ignition Resistant:**
- It is much more resistant to ignition compared to normal concrete, enhancing its reliability in use.

4. **Longer Lifespan Without Paint:**
- Products are produced without the use of paint, preventing scratches and color fading in both indoor and outdoor environments.
- The products derive their impressive appearance from the original colors of the stones.

5. **Easy to Clean and Maintain:**
- Outer surfaces, polished with a sealant, do not retain water, allowing easy cleaning with soapy water and a damp cloth.
- Additionally, they are resistant to mold and rust, providing user convenience.

In considering all these features, lightweight concrete furniture models present highly practical alternatives for home decoration. Moreover, their economic advantages contribute significantly to their preference.

**Esthetic Ways to Achieve a Pleasing Appearance**

Do you think making significant changes is necessary to create unique concepts in your desired space? In reality, with just a few carefully chosen furniture pieces and accessories, you can infuse a distinctive character into your environment. The crucial factor here is the choice of the main material, and contrary to common belief, lightweight concrete can be your greatest ally in creating an elegant and modern look compared to other materials.

Opt for lightweight concrete tables for more enjoyable meals

By choosing lightweight concrete tables, which are more durable than painted ones, you can create an aesthetic appearance in your home. With measurement options tailored to your needs, you can make selections that suit the space you have in mind.

Our concrete table varieties featuring a fire pit in the center even provide the opportunity to heat up a 100m2 enclosed space. Thanks to these stain-resistant and water-resistant products, you can easily clean your table at the end of enjoyable evenings.

Decorate Your Home, Office, and Garden with Concrete Planters

Lightweight concrete planters with a modern and aesthetic appearance provide great convenience for growing your favorite plants. Due to both the healthier growth of plants and their stylish design, you can easily use them in the areas you want to decorate.

Our planters, crafted with 100% handmade workmanship, have high-quality interiors with double insulation. This allows you to use them in both indoor and outdoor designs. With their dust-resistant structure, you can easily clean them with a wet soapy cloth. Additionally, they are designed according to your needs and come in various size options.

In this article, we delved into the key points of achieving an aesthetic appearance with lightweight concrete furniture. With products that create a natural and minimalist look, you can achieve the desired aesthetic appearance in the space you want to decorate.