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The 3 Most Stylish Design Suggestions to Achieve Vintage Home Decoration

Vintage, commonly seen in fashion and home decor nowadays. In this article, we will answer the question "How to achieve vintage decoration?" which we encounter quite often today. Before answering this question, let's examine what the word "vintage" means.

Vintage, not as old as antiques but referring to "belonging to the fashion of the past," is a term used for unique collections of items. It's essentially used for old items influenced by fashion. It's known for its understated decoration, far from exaggeration. It typically encompasses items that are less than a hundred years old, often representing the past 40-50 years. Furniture older than this is usually considered "antique." Items with a Scandinavian style are commonly referred to as vintage nowadays. Vintage-style small tables can bring a simpler look to your home.

So, how do we use the vintage style in home decoration? Let's now explore the answer to this question together.

Vintage Home Decoration
Vintage home decoration, which emerges from a blend of items from the past with modern ideas, helps create a nostalgic and intimate atmosphere in spaces. Nowadays, it's not necessary to only use old items for vintage decoration. You can easily achieve this ambiance in your home with items designed in pastel tones rather than vibrant colors. By using items predominantly in pastel shades of pink, green, and blue, you can achieve a vintage design in your home. Earth-toned furniture and accessories, combined with plants in your home, create a flawless, nostalgic look. Placing colorful plants on small tables can create a vintage effect.

Now that we've provided a general overview of vintage home decoration, let's move on to our design recommendations.

Top 3 Design Recommendations for a Vintage Look
With a few design recommendations, you can achieve a vintage look in your home. Let's start with our suggestions.

1. Incorporate natural stone concrete tables into your home

While wooden products were commonly used in the past, concrete tables are now taking their place. The main reason for this is their longer lifespan and consequently, their economic benefits. Concrete tables, which are much easier to maintain than wooden tables in terms of cleaning and durability, offer you a unique experience. By choosing pastel colors in our concrete tables, which come in various colors with a natural stone look, you can create a nostalgic atmosphere in your home.

100% handmade and stain-resistant concrete tables, which take their colors from the original appearance of the stones used within them, are produced with meticulous craftsmanship. Our models, which are much lighter compared to cast concrete, also provide ease of placement.

2. Ensure your flowers look flawless with pastel-toned flowerpot models

When it comes to vintage, floral patterns are the first thing that comes to mind in fashion, while colorful flowers come to mind in terms of home decoration. But are colorful flowers alone sufficient to achieve this look? You guessed it right; our answer is no. The pots in which you plant these unique plants are as important as the flowers themselves in creating a nostalgic atmosphere. If you opt for concrete pots produced in pastel tones instead of vibrant colors, you will immediately notice a change in the ambiance of your home.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, pots produced in various sizes allow you to make selections suitable for your space. With their polished, water-resistant surface, they do not accumulate water and can be used for longer periods. Since no paint is used, they are resistant to scratches and fading.

3. Complete your decoration with stone-look TV units
As we live in the age of technology, we spend a large part of our day in front of the television. Consequently, living rooms become the most frequented areas of the house.
Considering the functionality and decorative features of TV units, we see that they hold a significant place in living room decoration.
These products, which can be used as both a coffee table and add aesthetic value to your living room, require attention to certain points. To use them for a long time, the products you choose should be resistant to impacts. If you are looking for a different, special design option apart from durable and wooden TV unit models, we recommend you to check out our natural stone TV units.

Thin wooden-legged TV units, produced in different color options, can be used for a long time thanks to the iron reinforcements they contain. With high durability, this product integrates with your furniture and allows you to achieve the desired look.

There are several reasons why lightweight concrete products are preferred over wooden products to achieve vintage home decoration nowadays. Let's look at some of these reasons.

One of the main reasons for preferring concrete products over wooden products is their longevity. Instead of constantly aging and requiring maintenance, you can make more economical choices with lightweight concrete furniture.

Why Should We Choose Lightweight Concrete Products Over Wooden Products?


Wooden Products Lightweight Concrete Products
Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance Requires constant maintenance It can be easily cleaned during seasonal changes with the help of a damp cloth.
Being Long-Lasting and Economical It is economical but starts to wear out within a few years It is economical and can be used for many years
Durability Scratching occurs with small impacts It is resistant to severe impacts.
Creating a Puddle on the External Surface When exposed to water, it forms a puddle on its outer surface. It does not form puddles because it is polished with varnish.
Having a Painted Surface Scratches may occur due to paint on the outer surface. Since it does not contain paint, no scratching occurs.
Insect Formation Insect infestation occurs when it remains moist. Since it does not retain water, it does not remain moist and does not infest insects.

In this article, we provided 5 recommendations for achieving vintage home decoration. We answered the question of why you should choose lightweight concrete products. If you also love pastel tones, flowers, and want to create a nostalgic atmosphere in your home, you can benefit from our suggestions. Instead of redecorating your entire home, you can create an intimate atmosphere with just a few furniture choices.