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Table Models to Complement Your Living Room Decoration

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One of the most frequently used areas in a home is the living room. It also serves as a space where guests are entertained, making living room decoration of significant importance. A table, one of the essential pieces of furniture in a home, allows you to have a functional living space when chosen correctly. In addition to the main furniture selected for living room decoration, auxiliary furniture also plays a crucial role. Table models, among these complementary elements, hold a critical role. Table models, influencing the overall atmosphere of the living room, cater to different needs and tastes. It is important to make choices that align with your existing decor or the atmosphere you are trying to create.

In this guide, we will explore various table models. If you are looking for a table model that suits your taste to use in your living room, you can continue reading our article.


Modern and Minimalist Desk Models

Modern and minimalist table models stand out with their simple and functional designs. These table models typically feature straight lines and are often designed using pastel or neutral tones. They contribute to creating a wider and more spacious appearance in the area where they are used. Nowadays, minimalist table models, especially those made from concrete materials, attract attention.

Take a look; Elegant Leg-Designed Desk Model Rod

??k ayak tasar?ml? masa modeli rod

büyük ve yuvarlak masa modeli hemera

The stylish leg-designed table model Rod has a modern and simple design. With 8 different color options, this table model derives its color variations from the original appearances of natural stones. Produced without the use of paint, it does not fade or scratch even during prolonged use. Thanks to the iron reinforcements inside, it demonstrates high durability against severe impacts.

Round Table Models

Round table models are often preferred by those who desire a softer transition in living room decoration. Table models with a cornerless design can make even small living rooms appear more spacious. If you want to achieve an intimate atmosphere, you can opt for round or oval table models.


Take a look; Large and Round Desk Model Hemera

Examine; The large and round desk model Hemera is entirely handcrafted. It takes its color alternatives from the original appearances of natural stones. Its special formula consists of a lightweight concrete and natural stone blend, making it 75% lighter than poured concrete. It is polished with a premium coating, ensuring resistance to stains. Thus, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The table model, produced without noticeable mold joints, is remarkably sturdy and stylish compared to its international counterparts.

Classic Desk Models

Desk models reflecting the elegance and quality of traditional designs are furniture pieces with a classically processed style. Classic desk models adorned with classic leg designs and glossy finishes are excellent choices in terms of aesthetics and functionality. By adding a sophisticated touch to your living room decor, these models enrich the overall ambiance of the space.


Düz masa modeli tartarus

Take a look; Flat Desk Model Tartarus


The flat desk model Tartarus is produced with 100% handcraftsmanship. The table model, featuring a stain-resistant surface, does not fade or scratch even with prolonged use. Thanks to the iron reinforcements inside, it exhibits high durability against severe impacts. With 8 different color alternatives, the table model takes its color variations from the original appearances of natural stones. The special formula consisting of lightweight concrete and natural stone makes it 75% lighter compared to poured concrete.

When choosing a table model to complete your living room decor, factors such as the overall style of the space, intended use, and the size of the available area should be considered. Whether you want to add a modern touch or create a traditional atmosphere, there are table models on the market to suit every taste and need. The table, which will take center stage in your living room, fulfills a functional need and completes the aesthetic of the space. Therefore, careful consideration is essential when making your choice.