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Prepare Your Garden for Summer: New Trend Garden Fireplace Models

Are you also tired of spending time indoors during the winter? As soon as we start feeling the warmth of the sun in our homes, we begin to think about how to prepare our gardens for summer. If you want to make the long hours spent in the garden during summer evenings more enjoyable, this article is for you.
In this article, we will talk about the new trend of garden fireplace models.

If you want to create a pleasant atmosphere in your garden on warm summer evenings, a garden fireplace can be just the element you're looking for. Garden fireplaces are perfect options for providing warmth as well as creating a romantic atmosphere. Fire pit models with different fuel and color options are ideal for enjoying summer evenings. With their iron reinforcements, garden fireplace models exhibit high durability against severe impacts and adverse weather conditions, making them trendy furniture options of today.

The Shed fire pit set, which features a bioethanol fuel system, comes in three geometric shapes and does not produce ash, smoke, or odor. The bioethanol fuel system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be easily extinguished with a cut-off device that interrupts its contact with air. With a 5-liter fuel capacity, it can burn continuously for up to 18 hours. Its coated surface can be easily cleaned with a wet, soapy cloth. This fire pit model is produced without the use of paint and derives its color options from the original appearances of natural stones.

The Nut garden fireplace model, which is entirely handcrafted and designed as a coffee table, operates with either a propane tank or natural gas connection. For propane usage, a tank container must also be provided. The ignition unit comes pre-installed on the fire pit model. With its coated surface, it doesn't retain stains. Compared to cast concrete, this garden fireplace model is 75% lighter, making it a durable and economical option. As it's not painted, it doesn't fade or scratch.

The Hapi fire pit model, featuring a coffee table, operates with either a propane tank or natural gas connection. The ignition unit comes pre-installed on the fire pit model. Its coated surface doesn't retain stains, making it easy to clean with a wet or soapy cloth. As it's produced without paint, this garden fireplace model derives its colors from natural stones, ensuring it won't fade or scratch in indoor or outdoor use. Crafted with premium materials, this fire pit model offers a long-lasting and economical alternative.

A garden fireplace is a fantastic option to add warmth, ambiance, and an impressive look to your garden. Fire pits are typically round or square pits made of stone or metal materials, providing a designated area for a fire to burn. To choose a fire pit model that complements your decor, consider the following points:

Materials: Opt for durable and non-combustible materials to construct your fire pit. Materials like concrete or natural stone create a sturdy structure that ensures the fire burns safely. Consider the style of your garden, other decorative elements, and your usage needs when selecting the material.

Safety Measures: Prioritize safety when using a fire pit. Ensure there is enough space around the fire to keep it under control. Choose a suitable location to minimize the risk of fire to surrounding plants and structures. Additionally, ensure you have access to fire extinguishing equipment and water sources to extinguish the fire if needed.

Seating Arrangements: Create comfortable seating areas around your fire pit to foster a warm and cozy atmosphere. Comfortable cushions, outdoor chairs, or stone benches provide seating for enjoyable gatherings around the fire. Take advantage of the warmth of the fire to keep warm on cool summer evenings.

Lighting and Decoration: Enhance the ambiance of your fire pit by decorating it with suitable lighting. Decorative lamps hung on trees, placed lighting fixtures, or the fire itself can give your garden a magical look. Additionally, enhance the visual appeal of your fire pit with decorative elements like plants, stones, or garden sculptures.

Enjoyable Moments: Consider the atmosphere surrounding your fire pit to create enjoyable moments. Comfortable cushions ensure your guests are relaxed. Additionally, placing a table around the fire pit creates an area for snacks or drinks.

By considering factors such as material selection, safety measures, seating arrangements, lighting, and decoration, you can make your fire pit the focal point of your garden and create enjoyable moments.