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Minimalist Touches for Big Changes in Small Balconies

If we can describe balconies as the door of the house opening to the outdoors and nature, when decorated correctly, they become one of the most enjoyable spaces in living areas. By adding functional furniture to the designs on balconies, where you can enjoy the open air at home, you can create a warm atmosphere in these areas. You can refresh the air of your balcony by choosing natural furniture, which is entirely handcrafted.

If you want to make use of small balconies but can't decide where to start, in this article, we will provide you with decoration suggestions where you can achieve effective results with small touches.

Wooden Surface Mini Stool Models

If you have a small balcony , the colorful stool models you choose will renew the entire texture of your balcony and provide you with a more stylish seating area. Thanks to mini stool models, you can save a lot of space and make your balcony more useful. Stool models that you choose, especially in soft colors, will allow you to get a more spacious look. Colorful stool models with wooden surfaces not only create a very stylish look on balconies, but also save space.

The mini stool model Philip, with a wooden surface, comes in 8 different soft color options, allowing you to make choices suitable for your designs. Completely handcrafted, this stool model provides ease of cleaning for the user thanks to its stain-resistant surface. More glamorous and durable compared to its counterparts, this stool model is produced using first-class materials.

The Sweet Stool, featuring a wooden seating surface, comes in 8 different color options and is produced without the use of paint. This mini stool model derives its colors from the original appearance of natural stones and boasts a water-resistant surface. Additionally, it does not retain stains and is made from a lightweight concrete-natural stone mixture. Thanks to the iron reinforcements inside, this colorful stool model exhibits high durability against severe impacts, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Rusa mini stool model, featuring a wooden seating area, is polished with varnish to prevent water accumulation on the surface. Additionally, it inhibits mold formation and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from lightweight concrete-natural stone mixture, it is 75% lighter than poured concrete, offering a long-lasting alternative. Thanks to the iron reinforcements inside, this stool model exhibits durability against harsh weather conditions.

The Round Stool, designed in a cylindrical shape with a wooden surface, is crafted entirely by hand. Derived from the original appearances of natural stones, it offers a variety of colors without the use of paint. Being unpainted, it prevents color fading in both indoor and outdoor usage. Molded seamlessly without visible joints, this cylindrical model is composed of lightweight concrete-natural stone mixture. It is notably sturdy and elegant compared to its counterparts, while also being resistant to stains, providing ease of cleaning for users.

The Sargen stool, designed in geometric shapes and featuring vibrant colors, is crafted entirely by hand without visible joints. Thanks to the iron reinforcements inside, it exhibits high durability against strong impacts. Produced without the use of paint, this model derives its various color options from the original appearances of natural stones, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Composed of a lightweight concrete-natural stone mixture, this mini stool offers a long-lasting and sturdy alternative compared to its counterparts.

In this article, we discussed the trend of mini stool models for the year 2023. These unique options for utilizing small spaces allow you to create a minimalist and modern look while saving space. Their easy portability enables you to store and use them in different areas as desired. Decorating with colorful stools contributes to an aesthetic and simple appearance on your balcony.