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What is a Concrete Pot?

Concrete is a versatile material. With its durable structure and workability, concrete forms the foundation of many structures and is now also used as a fundamental material in the furniture industry, extending beyond sculptures and art fields. Among the aesthetic concrete furniture designs achieved with next-generation modern designs, products like concrete planters, concrete coffee tables, concrete tables, and concrete fire pits stand out. So, what is a concrete planter? What are the advantages of concrete planters? What does the pioneer of concrete furniture, Kalif Design, produce in Turkey? Here are the answers...

"When it comes to 'concrete planters,' one might envision bulky, heavy, and gray-colored materials. However, with modern techniques, the concept of lightweight concrete planters can be developed. Sophisticatedly shaped furniture with concrete as its main material is designed using advanced molding techniques. The durability and natural structure of concrete add a touch of naturalness and aesthetics to indoor or outdoor spaces. Products like concrete tables, concrete planters, and concrete coffee tables, often seen in parks and gardens, now stand out as aesthetic elements for indoor spaces as well. So, what are the advantages of concrete planters?

- Concrete is versatile; hence, soft and elegant curves can be achieved in concrete planter products.
- Bold and contemporary designs can be developed with concrete in soft color tones.
- Concrete, which can be molded with geometric shapes, allows the use of different color tones in the production of planter products.
- Concrete planters, which can be shaped in any form, can be produced with unique designs suitable for living spaces.
- Concrete provides a unique look; it offers unlimited options for creative designs.
- Concrete planters are highly durable; they enable cost savings in the long run compared to other planter materials."

    Original and aesthetic concrete designs crafted by experienced architects within its team, enrich living spaces! The colors of concrete planters, concrete tables, concrete coffee tables, and concrete fire pits, whose first production in Turkey is carried out by Kalif Design, mirror the original hues of the stones. Natural stones are sourced from various regions of Turkey. Authenticity, elegance, and aesthetics come together in concrete furniture products.

    Kalif Design, transforming concrete into aesthetics, is turning the perception of "bulky concrete" into "aesthetic concrete" in social facilities and living spaces, ranging from homes to hotels, gardens to parks!