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Fire Pit Models That Can Be Used at Home



Fire pit models allow you to create an inviting and warm atmosphere in both the outdoor and indoor spaces of your home. These aesthetically pleasing decorative elements also provide an opportunity to enjoy pleasant moments with your loved ones. Fire pit models, typically equipped with a bioethanol fuel system, generate a real flame during the burning process. There are various fire pit models that you can use in any room of your home or even on tabletops.

One of the significant advantages of tabletop models is their portability. Due to their easy setup and maintenance, they are often preferred by those who want to achieve a different decoration in their homes. Tabletop fire pit models with a bioethanol fuel system can be used comfortably inside the house as they do not produce any odor or smoke.

In this guide, we will explore the fire pit models commonly preferred today and provide tips on their usage and maintenance.



Fire Pit Models

Bioethanol fire pit models utilize bioethanol, a renewable fuel source. These models are often preferred for home and business use as they can burn without the need for a chimney, similar to traditional fireplaces. The easy installation allows individuals the freedom to use them in various spaces. They have been particularly popular in modern and minimalist home decor for many years.


Examine; Desktop Fire Pit Model Kerotis


Bioethanol Fueled Fire Pit Model Cylinder

The desktop fire pit model Kerotis comes in three different sizes and offers 8 various color options. Thanks to its special formula made of lightweight concrete and natural stone mix, it is 75% lighter than cast concrete. The fire pit model, produced without the use of paint, takes its color alternatives from the original images of natural stones. Operating with bioethanol fuel, this fire pit model can be easily extinguished with the help of an air-blocking device.

Creating a warm and aesthetic atmosphere indoors is one of the most stylish ways to use desktop fire pit models. Typically made of concrete, these minimalistic fire pits can be an elegant choice as a decorative piece in the center of your table. Fire pit models providing a natural look are a perfect option to add an outdoor ambiance to your indoor spaces.

There are also different models suitable for indoor use in homes or workplaces. In addition to desktop models, these decorative items, available in larger sizes, can help you create a stunning visual in your home.


Examine; Bioethanol Fueled Large Fire Pit Model Cylinder

The wide fire pit model with bioethanol fuel comes in three different size options. This model, produced entirely by handcrafting, is manufactured without prominent mold joints. Made of lightweight concrete and natural stone mix, the fire pit model offers 8 different color variations. It can burn continuously for 18 hours with a 5-liter bioethanol fuel. Thanks to its fuel type, it does not produce any odor or smoke. Compared to its international counterparts, it is a highly durable and stylish model.


Examine; Geometric Shaped Long Fire Pit Model Min

Geometric Shaped Long Fire Pit Model Min

The geometrically shaped long fire pit model is equipped with a bioethanol fuel system, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Crafted with 100% handwork, this model derives its color variations from the original appearance of natural stones. It is manufactured using premium materials and can burn continuously for 18 hours with a 5-liter fuel.

Fire pit models designed for indoor use are coated with varnish, making them resistant to stains and dust. This allows for easy cleaning with a wet or damp cloth. These models, crafted with premium materials, are not only highly sophisticated but also durable compared to their counterparts. Thanks to the embedded iron reinforcement, all fire pit models exhibit high resistance against severe impacts, ensuring they don't fade or scratch even with prolonged use.

You can easily ignite the fire on the sheet metal on the fire pit. Similarly, you can use the air-cutting device to extinguish the fire. Models crafted with 100% handwork can burn continuously for 18 hours with a 5-liter fuel.

For more information on bioethanol-fueled fire pit models, take a look at our selection.

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